Bitter Gourd, Bitter Broad

After waxing lyrical about the scrumptious food I have had the privilege to taste these last few weeks The tables turned, on Saturday the girls said they had made a special dish, it was a vegetable curry/soup with the main contender being the Bitter Gourd. I know it’s name should hint at the taste but I had been quietly surprised by bananas with seeds and … Continue reading Bitter Gourd, Bitter Broad


The volunteer journey continues giving me a sense of finally having time in my life to give. So excited I recruited my first volunteer for the Fish Island project. Elena from Germany started 2 days ago and is working with Soon getting the organic garden ready making quirky bamboo garden ornaments with old chairs found on the side of the road. If you want to … Continue reading KAMPOT, KAMA AND KARMA


The 31st August was Merdeka day , the 62nd anniversary of when Malaya gained independence from Great Britain . The English had been here since 1786. The legacy of the Brits live on here in the magnificent colonial buildings they left behind and a small statue of Queen Victoria that stands in a corner of a park, I pass it when I am on the … Continue reading MALAYSIA’S MERDEKA, MEDIUMS AND MOONCAKES