Kampot Hot Pot

This week has been so very hot 24 hours a day, except when it rains for about a minute every few days. Kampot is having a dry July. It is raining elsewhere. When you wake up to 30 degrees overnight with humidity at 75% you pray for rain to cool down and water your plants . Ahh my plants , still nothing lanky legged seeds … Continue reading Kampot Hot Pot


After my one week break I intended to write this yesterday but the little puddy cat is sick. Two days ago , a week after her op after a great recovery she began her antics again. Getting stuck up a tree, jumping around and playing with a stray . A day later she wasn’t herself, all quite, wouldn’t eat or play with the ball. Jeni … Continue reading KAMPOT RAINY SEASON YET?


Today I thought I’d give you a lowdown on costs to live monthly here in Kampot Cambodia. Long term if you like. All costs are in US dollars as they are used here extensively. At the moment visa requirements have changed while the pandemic is occurring. If it goes back to normal and you want to stay more than thirty days, you can extend visa … Continue reading COST OF LIVING KAMPOT