Freedom, Friends & Festivities

Finding Freedom Quarantine ended for me on 22nd, after 2 negative Covid tests, I was allowed out into the community to a different Melbourne than when I left. Discovering my new home was exciting, exactly how I imagined, bright & sunny, white and full of light, tiny but cute. It’s in a tree lined street full of beautiful old houses & a few drab brown … Continue reading Freedom, Friends & Festivities


Waking up in a luxurious bed with luxe bedding and a fabulous view one wonders where the hell am I . Certainly not in my little concrete shack with its foam rubber mattress and cheap bedding or in some random guesthouse in South East Asia, on waking you realize this is it, this is your hood your home for 14 days you cannot walk out … Continue reading QUARANTINE DAY 9 AM I FINE?


I had a good flights. On the Phnom Penh to Singapore flight there were a few passengers, everyone had a row to themselves. While I was waiting for my flight a guy sat social distanced apart he had so much luggage I thought he was leaving after years living somewhere but no he turned out to be the director of a production company that was … Continue reading QUARANTINE LIKE A QUEEN